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a simple bittorrent client
0.4.4 (10 November 2013)

Extensions are installed from the Tools menu.

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0.1 (3 December 2012)
Adds torrents directly from a web browser.

Some browsers have addons available that can interact with bittorrent clients through a WebUI. This extension is compatible with ĀµTorrent.

Most of these addons have various settings for connecting to the WebUI:

  • The server address should begin with "http", not "https". Some addons have a setting for using SSL instead; this should be disabled.
  • The host or address should be if baretorrent is running on the same computer as the browser. Leaving this field blank also works on some addons.
  • The default port should be 2999.
  • Username and password fields should be left blank.

This is an example for BitTorrent WebUI++ on Firefox and Remote Torrent Adder on Google Chrome:

screen shot of bittorrent webui++ on firefox screen shot of remote torrent adder on chrome